Increase the quality of your applications through crowdtesting

Testeum connects an online community of testers with your applications through its innovative platform.


How does it work?

You'll see, it's really simple.


Define your test scenarios

Using our model, define the set of test scenarios you wish to run in order to ensure the quality of your application.

Write your test campaign

Use our spreadsheet template to format your test scenarios, and import it.

Finalize your order

Please let us know on which devices and browsers the application should be tested.

Get a quote

We come back to you with a quotation taking into account the number of tests as well as the number of different configurations to be tested.

Testers take care of your application

Once the test campaign is launched, our platform allocates the optimal distribution of testers to your test scenarios.

Optimal distribution

We guarantee the verification of each test step by 5 different testers.


The platform distributes the tests to a large number of testers so that your test campaign can be finalized as quickly as possible.


We assign tests only to testers with the hardware configurations specified when creating your test scenarios.


Monitor the evolution of your testing execution

During the execution of your test campaign, even before you get your final report, you can access a dashboard summarizing the on going work.


You observe in real time all the anomalies reported by the testers.

Remaining time

You get an estimate of the remaining test time.


Get a detailed test report

Once the test campaign is completed, you will get a detailed report on the quality of your application.

Test report

Each of your tests will be analyzed with different statuses


For the failed test steps, find out the different points that were recorded. Whether they are cosmetic anomalies, or blocking bugs.


This detailed report will allow you to take the necessary actions to correct your application.



1 Test case
$22.5 USD
You'll be able to benefit from 50 test step executions
(10 functional checks performed by 5 different testers)

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What's crowdtesting?

Crowdtesting is an innovative way to get validation services from a large community of testers, collaborating using an online working platform.

How to define a test?

We just need to have all the steps to execute in the application, as well as the description of the expected result.

How are your testers getting paid?

The testers work off-site, and are accounted for the time spent on the application and the number of test cases executed.

How am I billed?

Your invoice will depend on the number of test steps to be performed, as well as the number of environments the testers will have to work on.

Do you want to test web applications?

Earn money by performing software testing from the comfort of your own home.


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